Monday, April 1, 2013

A way to tell if your silver coins or bullion are real

After the banking debacle in Cypress, many folks are diversifying their savings into silver and gold bullion.  We at find this to be a great way to hedge against inflation.  Especially since the banks aren't exactly rewarding savers these days.  Getting into the silver bullion market can be very intimidating!  Lately, there has been much talk about fake bullion being sold online.  We decided to help out amateur bullion buyers like ourselves by posting this great video that features a sure way to spot fake silver bullion:

This is the safest way to check your bullion without depreciating the value of your bullion.  Here at, we offer the Neodymium Rare Earth magnet that is optima for this use.  Follow the link below, you are going to choose the middle option!

We hope you enjoyed learning about this technique as much as we did!  If you have any ideas or crafts that feature magnets, email them to us:  We will feature your idea and give you the credit!

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