Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Trigger a Green Light Everytime

Wow, your MagnetMan is so excited to bring you this tip!  How frustrating when you have a small car!  In some parts of town you could be waiting for hours for a green light!  Do you have a loved one that uses a scooter?  With gas prices so high, we should all be driving scooters right?  We at www.mymagnetman.com did the research for you!  View the video link below:


Is that not the coolest idea?  That is a miracle for those of us that aren't driving "big wheels" :-)  We carry these strong magnets in our store:


They are perfect for such a job!  Do you have any cool magnet ideas?  Share with us!  magnetman@tampabay.rr.com, we will credit you with the idea!  Magnets are a natural element and a resource that just keeps on giving!  No harmful effects are released from its natural energy!  Let's take full advantage of it's goodness! 

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